Episode 3: The 3 N’s of Insurance

May 14, 2019

Social Work Risky Business PodcastAs licensed practitioners, there is no doubt that you have a professional liability insurance policy, a cyber or data breach insurance policy to insure you from HIPAA violations for third party information breach, and a general liability insurance policy covering your office, bodily injury, and third party property.

This podcast we discuss some of the most important liability insurance terms that you need to know: Named Insured, Named Peril, and Negligence.

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Episode 2: Avoiding Insurance Coverage Gaps

November 5, 2018

Social Work Risky Business PodcastKeeping on top of your insurance coverages is vital to ensure your assets are protected. In this episode, we provide some tips for healthcare workers to manage risk.

Now, it all starts with the basics. First, do not assume that your employer will cover you, even if you are a student working for an agency. Next, look at the insurance policies that you need for your own protection, including cyber liability, general liability, and most definitely a malpractice professional liability policy. Many do not cover you as comprehensively as the Risk Retention Group policies.

Learn about some real-life stories on how to ensure you are covered and avoid having any insurance gaps.

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Episode 1: Documentation Pointers to Avoid Liability and Malpractice

September 18, 2018

Social Work Risky Business Podcast

“Medical Records Requests” and “Breach of Confidentiality” are the leading claims issues for social workers. These claims trigger lawsuits, licensing board inquiries, and HIPAA information breach liability, particularly regarding HIPAA HITECH 45 CFR Part 160, that holds social workers liable for third-party (employee or a vendor of the social worker), and first-party breach (social worker) client information breach.

A malpractice judgment can hurt you personally and professionally. Time and again while malpractice insurance claims cases are adjudicated, we find that your file documentation may be the only case evidence that protects you from what your client’s lawyer says in the lawsuit filed against you. This episode provides some practical tips you need to know about keeping client records.

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