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Professional Liability Program Enhanced Coverage & Benefits

Your NASW-Endorsed program is owned by its policyholders and overseen by a Board of Directors comprised mainly of social workers and association insurance experts who keep social workers’ interests and needs in mind.

  • Control administrative costs to keep premium rates low

  • Ensure social workers are provided with the highest standard of customer service

  • Create new and enhanced coverage benefits to meet social workers' needs

  • Advocate on socialworker's behalf if unfairly denied coverage or renewal

This is the ONLY program Endorsed by NASW. As your program manager, NASW Assurance Services is able to:

NASW members receive a discount on coverage that will make already-competitive premiums even lower.

Waived NASW Group Purchasing fee ($5).

Automatic coverage offerings included in the policy:

  • Health Information – HIPAA Privacy Coverage ($25,000)

  • Emergency First Aid Coverage ($15,000)

  • First Party Assault Coverage ($15,000)

  • Medical Payments Coverage ($5,000/incident and $50,000/policy period)

  • Wage Loss Expense Coverage ($35,000 per policy period/$1,000/per day)

  • Sexual Misconduct ($25,000)

Access to knowledgeable, insurance licensed customer services representatives.

State-of-the-art website services equipped to handle easy online enrollment, quick individual quoting, and same day proof of coverage with certificates for download within minutes for those who apply online.

Access to a free and confidential Risk Management Helpline where knowledgeable risk management specialists can answer your questions about a possible claims situation.

Financial backing from Lloyd’s, London and Swiss Re, both "A" rated reinsurance companies that go beyond the state insolvency guarantee funds, which are capped well below your policy limits.

Standard $35,000 for State Licensing Board inquiries.

Valuable Licensing Board Defense limits.

  • Increase to $50,000 for a $50 additional premium

  • Increase to $75,000 for a $75 additional premium

  • Increase to $100,000 for a $100 additional premium

A simplified, online application process for continued coverage.

Defense coverage outside of your policy limits. Costs for legal representation and litigation are not deducted from your policy limits. This provides policyholders with the full limits of their policy to cover the cost of settlements and damages if necessary. ASI is able to advocate on behalf of members in certain circumstances.

Discounted coverage is available for part-time practitioners and new graduates / first-time practitioners.

Social-work specific coverage features, including subpoena and student
practicum coverage.