Do I really need a professional liability policy since I am an employee and my employer covers me?

Your professional liability insurance policy is for you. You are the designated insured. Your policy is designed for the NASW RRG to shift the many stated risks, or perils, as listed in the policy contract from you to the NASW RRG as the insurance company or carrier. Your employer’s insurance policy may cover you in some circumstances, but not all. The employer’s policy is designed to protect the employer’s interests. Incidents vary widely, and many fall through the cracks of your employer’s insurance coverage. Remember that your employer buys insurance to protect the employer first, and you second, if at all. Malpractice allegations always arise, and you will certainly be named in the complaint. An RRG Professional Liability policy with a first-year annual premium of only about $40, is well worth the cost for your peace of mind.

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