Why go through the My NASW Health Choices Program when I can apply directly myself to a carrier, or through the federal or state health insurance marketplaces?

We’ve designed the My NASW Health Choices Program to make it a one-stop shopping experience. You will have access to knowledgeable and experienced licensed insurance professionals who already have a track record of providing NASW members quality customer service with private insurance options. Additionally, the benefits consultants will be able to assist you with private health insurance options as well as the mandated ACA options as they are available through the federal and state exchanges. You can also receive help in determining your eligibility for a government health insurance subsidy.

In addition to the personalized consultation and convenient shopping service it provides, another important benefit of going through the My NASW Health Choices Program is the advocacy and support of NASW Assurance Services for NASW members and social workers in a variety of ways.

Unlike most public corporations uniquely interested in the bottom line, NASW Assurance Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NASW that exists to serve NASW members by offering and managing programs and services to meet their needs, and advocating on your behalf for quality service, product and pricing.

NASW Assurance Services reinvests funds it receives in connection with offering an insurance program or service, after program costs, in funding new initiatives and program enhancements to help NASW member policyholders.

NASW Assurance Services looks for ways to add value for you, for example, by enhancing NASW’s insurance programs with new benefits and increasing benefit levels while not passing those costs on to you in higher premiums. NASW Assurance Services also supports various other NASW programs that focus on supporting you, your community and our social work profession more broadly.

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