How does NASW Assurance Services’ management and advocacy benefit policyholders in the new NASW-Endorsed program?

NASW Assurance Services’ staff has done the research and legwork needed to develop a new, high-quality, affordable program. We also manage the program to ensure that members receive excellent, caring customer service.

Importantly, we will advocate on your behalf if you’re unfairly denied coverage or renewal. The management and advocacy efforts of NASW Assurance Services might not always be apparent if you haven’t experienced issues in obtaining coverage or renewal directly through a big insurance company that reports to Wall Street and its corporate shareholders, but it can make a real difference. We also advocate on behalf of NASW member policyholders to prevent premium increases.

NASW Assurance Services also develops and provides in-person and online risk management workshops, tools and resources to help our members reduce their risk from lawsuits. Our Board members also offer risk management workshops at NASW Chapter meetings and other professional conferences.

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