If I receive liability insurance through my employer/agency/school, do I still need individual coverage?

Social workers covered under the professional liability policy of their employer, agency or school also need their own individual coverage. Employer coverage does not necessarily protect you individually from risk and you may be liable for your own negligence. Employers may require you to reimburse them for damages they pay on your behalf, or their insurance may be inadequate.

Like it or not, large organizations such as schools and agencies may find it necessary to focus on their organizational needs first, and not on the needs of the individual social worker. For example, social workers covered by organizational policies are unlikely to be provided their own defense team to look out for their interests and careers. Your employer may also have the right to consent to settlement rather than defend your interests.

Also, if you leave your employer, it may be questionable whether you would still be covered under their policy. Purchasing your own professional liability insurance means you’ll still be covered, even if you change jobs.

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