Using the links below, you can access the online application or download an application to the various NASW Assurance Service insurance products. If you have any questions or do not see an application you need, please call the appropriate phone number listed in our Customer Service Directory.

Auto & Home Insurance Applications

To begin a quote or an application visit the NASW Member Auto & Home Insurance Program website.

Group Insurance Applications

Click on the insurance link below to start an online quote.

Professional Liability Insurance Applications

To get a quote (and/or more information) for a policy through the NASW-Endorsed Professional Liabilty Insurance program, contact:

Following are the liability insurance policies currently available in this program designed especially for social workers. If you would like to apply offline, download a PDF through the download center.

  • Professional Liability (Individual)
  • Student Liability (Individual)
  • Agencies (Group Application)
  • NASW Student Blanket Coverage (Coverage for Schools)

You can apply for a professional liability policy by starting the enrollment process at our Enroll Today page. After answering the question, “How Did You Hear About the NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Program?,” you will be directed to our NASW RRG Plan Administrator website to continue your enrollment and receive a 5% online discount if you are applying for an individual professional or individual student policy.

Wellness – My NASW Health Choices Program

Click on the insurance link below to start an online quote.

NASW Membership Application

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