Accident Protection

Secure Up to $100,000 in Additional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Cash Benefits to Help Your Loved Ones

Make sure you’re financially prepared if an accident occurs with NASW Assurance Services Accident Services Protection Plan.

An accident can happen at any time, anywhere…on the road, at work, on vacation or at home. Every 10 minutes 2 people are killed and 498 suffer a disabling injury.*

So try as you might, you cannot be sure you will always be safe. But you can help make sure your loved ones are financially prepared if something happens to you.

The NASW Assurance Services Accident Protection Insurance Plan guarantees your acceptance for up to $100,000 in accident coverage if you’re under age 70 and a resident of the U.S. This additional money could go a long way toward helping your family pay day-to-day living expenses, ensure your children’s education, pay medical bills and rebuild their lives.

With the Accident Protection Plan, you’re protected from many types of accidents—auto accidents, falls, fires, drownings and more. And you’re covered anytime, anywhere … at home, at work, vacation … on top of any other insurance you may already have.

Your spouse/domestic partner under age 70 is guaranteed acceptance too.

Be Prepared … Call or Go Online for More Info, Benefits, Rates and Terms, and Enroll Today!

*National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2008