Group Term Life

Financial Protection for Your Family in Case Something Happens to You with Coverage Amounts from $1,000* to $500,000*

Provide for your family’s future financial security with the NASW Assurance Services Group Term Life Insurance Protection.

It’s important for you to take care of your family’s day-to-day needs – both now and should anything ever happen to you.

Would there be enough money to help pay for your final expenses, their house and utility payments, their day-to-day living costs, college expenses for your children?

Chances are, if you’re like those parents recently surveyed, with children under 18, 4 in 10 say they would immediately have trouble meeting everyday expenses if a primary wage-earner died today.**

Right now, you can help secure for your family everything they’ll need if you were ever taken “out of the picture.” Simply apply now for what you need. Each $1,000 of protection is priced at a very affordable group rate.

Your spouse or domestic partner may also apply for the same amount of protection as you. If you are currently covered, he, or she may apply for coverage on their own. He or she will also be able to keep their coverage in the event you cancel your Term Life policy or you pass away.

Financial Security … Call or Go Online for More Info, Benefits, Rates and Terms, and Enroll Today!

Note: Domestic partner coverage may not be available in all states. You must execute a domestic partner affidavit for your domestic partner to qualify for coverage. Please call 866-514-8974 to request an affidavit.

*Once the insured attains the age of 71, all benefits reduce by 20% each year until the insured attains age 74. From ages 74-99 benefits payable are 20% of the original benefit amount purchased. Please refer to your Certificate of Insurance for further details.

**LIMRA International, Facts about Life 2010