Malpractice (Program Overview)

Social work is a rewarding career, but like many professions, it has its risks in today’s litigious society. In recent years, social workers, like other professionals, have increasingly been subject to malpractice suits. Malpractice claims must be defended, even when they are groundless or fraudulent, and the cost of defending yourself in such a suit can be extremely expensive.

Consequently, social work malpractice insurance is no longer just an option for social workers, it’s a necessity. Even if you do not serve clients directly, you still have a degree of liability risk. Obtain your own insurance rather than rely on someone else. After all, it’s your career and your ability to continue practicing professional social work that’s on the line.

In September 2012, we launched a new liability insurance program with excellent benefits – The NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program.

This Malpractice Insurance is Available to NASW Members and Non-Members.*

The NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program is available to current NASW members and non-members.*  NASW Assurance Services manages all aspects of the program, makes sure benefits stay current, keeps costs low and enables advocacy on behalf of policyholders if they are unfairly denied coverage or renewal.

This program has unique benefits for each of our audiences:

  • Professionals – for full-time or part-time employed professional social workers.
  • Students – for students while enrolled as part of a curriculum of an accredited program studying social work, marriage and family therapy, psychology, mental health, or Christian counseling.
  • Agencies – for groups, corporations, or non-profit entities providing outpatient clinical social work services. (maybe a solo practice or employ providers of various disciplines).
  • Schools – for accredited colleges and universities providing education and training for social work and related fields.

Have peace of mind knowing your coverage is provided by an organization that you trust and cares about you!

*NASW members receive a 15% discount on the social work malpractice insurance premiums.

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