Student Liability (Individuals)

Start Out Right, Protect Your Future

You’re studying and working towards a great career in a field you love, but even field practice can put you at risk of being sued by someone dissatisfied with an outcome.

Students covered under the professional liability policy of their school also need their own individual coverage. Large organizations, such as schools, may find it necessary to focus on their organizational needs first, and not on the needs of the individual student social worker. Your school’s coverage may not necessarily protect you individually from risk, and you may be liable for your own negligence.

You need professional liability coverage. We can provide you with experienced legal defense and coverage for settlements or damages.

NASW Assurance Services manages insurance protection for professional social workers, including social work students, with your needs in mind, advocating for affordable rates and coverage. Our insurance programs are overseen by social workers, exclusively for social workers.

You are investing heavily in a career that will help others. Let us help you protect your future.

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