Our Mission is to Support You …

iStock_000023141925At NASW Assurance Services, social workers and their mission comes first. We design our programs with you, the professional social worker in mind.

Overseen by social workers, we strive to meet the diverse and evolving needs of social workers through quality, competitive insurance programs, and risk management educational services.

We advocate for social workers by creating partnerships with top-level providers and companies, using our experience and leverage to establish affordable rates for the best coverage. Our product lines are designed to help you in the many areas of your professional and personal lives that may create a risk for you and your family.

NASW Assurance Services have designed exclusive programs to meet the needs of professional social workers and their families. Find out more about these programs to see if they are right for your situation.

Each program is designed specifically for the social worker. You can learn more about our services, products, program partners, as well as find some valuable education opportunities and information throughout our website.

Resources for the Professional Social Worker