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Our podcast program is a series of short and informative tips on how to manage your risks. Topics cover social work malpractice issues, such as the extent of personal and organizational liability and strategies to reduce your exposure to a social work malpractice suit.

Episodes are approximately 15 minutes long and provide valuable insight for the social worker into managing and protecting their career. Listed below are the current podcasts available.

Podcast Episodes

Risk and Claims HelplineEpisode 8: Risk and Claims Helpline Experiences

Here about some of the calls from the risk retention group helpline – a free service for risk retention insurance policyholders – with questions regarding a variety of practice interactions and risk mitigation general guidance.

Pitfalls and PerilsEpisode 7: Pitfalls and Perils

This episode we discuss pitfalls and perils of an insurance policy. You must be absolutely sure your insurance policy protects you. There are complex contracts offered by these companies with a lot of loopholes. Be informed and protect yourself.

Negligence is Spelled More than as MalpracticeEpisode 6: Negligence is Spelled More than Simply Malpractice

Negligence is a duty, breach, damage, and proximate cause. Those are the elements. Learn about negligence, how disastrous it can be to your practice or business, and, more importantly, how to avoid it.

Episode 5: Lapse & GapsEpisode 5: Lapse and Gaps

This episode discusses lapse and gaps in your insurance policy and keeping your coverage continuously. A lapse in coverage can hurt. Don’t let it happen to you.

Insurance BasicsEpisode 4: Insurance Basics

This podcast discusses some of the most important liability insurance terms you need to know to help you better understand your insurance needs.

Social Work Risky Business PodcastEpisode 3: The 3 N’s of Insurance

This podcast we discuss some of the most important liability insurance terms that you need to know: Named Insured, Named Peril, and Negligence.

Social Work Risky Business PodcastEpisode 2: Avoiding Insurance Coverage Gaps

Keeping on top of your insurance coverages is vital to ensure your assets are protected. In this episode, we provide some tips for healthcare workers to manage risk.

Social Work Risky Business PodcastEpisode 1: Documentation Pointers to Avoid Liability and Malpractice

A malpractice judgement can hurt you personally and professionally. Your file documentation may be the only case evidence that protects you in a lawsuit. In this episode, you'll practical tips in documenting and keeping client records.