You Have a Bright Future …

woman_bpr113You’re studying and working towards a great career in a field you love and insurance is probably the last thing you are thinking about as you prepare for your career.

You may be thinking you don’t need insurance or that your school already has you covered for malpractice. But you need to know its important to have your own coverage – as a student you can still be sued and you may not have enough coverage through your school, if any at all.

Also, you know the importance of protecting your health and other aspects of your life. Its hard starting out and you don’t want an unforeseen event making it harder.

NASW Assurance Services has advocated for years to keep premiums low and affordable. We’ve learned how to protect social workers in both their professional and personal lives. Our programs are tailored for social workers, no matter if they have been in the profession for years or just starting out.

You are investing heavily into your career, let us help protect you!

Resources for the Student Social Worker