Call A Doctor Plus (CADR+)

What is Call A Doctor Plus (CADR+)?

With the Consult a Doctor Plus discounted benefit for NASW members, NASW Assurance Services is making healthcare easier for you.

Call A Doctor Plus provides you with phone, video, and mobile app access to licensed US physicians, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Need medical advice at 2 a.m. or a prescription while traveling? CADR+ delivers the finest physician care – anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

Convenient Access
  • 24/7 availability anywhere in the US
  • Get answers and treatment in minutes
  • No waiting rooms closed offices or waiting weeks for an appointment
  • Connect using your favorite devices
Money Savings
  • No copays or per-call charges
  • Saves on out of pocket expenses
  • Significantly less expensive than typical office, ER or Urgent Care visits
  • Take less time off to receive care
Peace of Mind
  • 100% acceptance for everyone
  • Covers you and your entire family
  • Highly qualified and experienced doctors and health professionals
  • 91% resolution, 95% member satisfaction
Take Advantage of This Affordable Discounted Benefit for NASW Members