Major Medical

Get quality major medical insurance at a price you can afford.

NASW Assurance Services offers a one-stop health insurance shopping service to connect you, your family members and your clients with licensed health benefits consultants who can help you navigate the complicated and time-consuming process of finding and enrolling in a major medical insurance plan just right for you.

Our partner Augeo Benefits brings NASW members timely and knowledgeable assistance in navigating both public and private health insurance options, including options newly available through the federal and state exchanges under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

When you call, you receive help in determining whether you are eligible for a government subsidy towards your health insurance premiums. And typically, you can enroll right over the phone.

Once enrolled, you will have individual coverage directly through the insurance carrier. You will not have group health insurance through NASW or NASW Assurance Services. This is individual coverage between a major insurance carrier and you, the individual NASW member, and/or your family members.

Also, after enrolling, you will also have access to the Health Choices Program representatives who can assist you with questions, policy renewals, or plan changes.

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