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You’ve made an excellent choice by joining the National Association of Social Workers, your professional association advocating for your career and professional success.

Social Work is a rewarding career, but it has its risks in today’s litigious society, like many professions. In recent years, behavioral health professionals have increasingly been subject to malpractice suits. The cost of defending yourself in such a lawsuit – even groundless or fraudulent malpractice claims – can be prohibitive.

The Only Liability Insurance Designed Specifically for Behavioral Health Professionals

Malpractice insurance is no longer just an option; it’s necessary. You still have liability risk even if you do not serve clients directly. Obtain your own insurance rather than rely on someone else. After all, your career and your ability to continue practicing in your profession are on the line.

The NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program has many built-in benefits, including $35,000 of state licensing board defense coverage, increased limit options, and $5,000 per deposition (up to $35,000 per year) for expenses related to a legal request to provide an affidavit on behalf of your clients.

The NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program is available to current NASW members and non-members.* NASW Assurance Services manages all aspects of the program, ensures benefits stay current, keeps costs low, and enables advocacy on behalf of policyholders if unfairly denied coverage or renewal.

NASW Assurance Services
*NASW members receive a 15% discount on the professional liability insurance premiums.

Social Work Risk Management Success Has Two Ingredients

NASW Assurance Services

You have the first ingredient – membership in your professional association; it’s now time to add the second ingredient – NASW RRG Professional Liability Insurance.

Complete your success with professional liability insurance to ensure you’re protected when you need legal representation for malpractice claims, state licensing board inquiries, and other perils you may face as a social worker.

As an NASW member, you can access comprehensive liability insurance for as little as $54 per year.*

Don’t wait! Applying is easy! And get the peace of mind knowing you can trust the organization providing your coverage and knowing that we advocate for you.
*As you work with more clients each year, the claims-made coverage premiums slightly increase at each renewal for six years..

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