Policy Restrictions Waived for Policyholders in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

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Frederick, Maryland – September 7, 2017—Social workers are on the front line when it comes to providing disaster relief and mental health services. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, social workers around the country are responding swiftly to offer professional assistance to those impacted by the storms and flooding. The need for social workers in the coming weeks and months following the hurricane is extremely important.

The NASW Risk Retention Group (NASW RRG) recognizes that NASW members are among the many social workers offering to help and will support disaster survivors in the wake of the storm. We strongly believe that it is important to provide our policyholders with extended insurance protection outside of the state(s) in which they practice so that they can do what they do best which is to help people in need. In response to this urgent and critical need for social workers in affected areas, we have waived certain policy contract provisions to allow social workers insured with NASW RRG to practice in the affected areas through September 1, 2018, when working with authorized volunteer relief organizations or hospitals tasked to provide services that require social work professionals.

Policyholders can rest assured knowing that their current NASW-Endorsed professional liability insurance protection will cover them during their disaster relief efforts for (1) year following Hurricane Harvey, just as it protects them in their state where they currently practice. The NASW RRG is pleased to be able to make this unique accommodation to its policyholders allowing them to practice outside of their state and feel secure pursuing those in need.

The NASW RRG is rated ‘Excellent’ by A.M. Best Company and works to design high quality, comprehensive liability insurance products designed specifically for social workers. The NASW RRG is overseen by social workers and insurance professionals committed to maintaining the financial stability and fiscal integrity of the entire program.